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Washington Painting, Inc.

       Washington Painting, Inc., specializes in commercial projects.  Our
experienced staff has worked on a diverse number of projects including
multi-family residential, hotels, large apartment complexes, educational  and retail
facilities, military bases and foreign embassies.  We believe it's the little things
that often times bog a project down and we take great pride in anticipating
potential delays and addressing them before they happen.  We see ourselves as
a cog in a well functioning machine of other sub-contractors/vendors working
together to turn out a quality project.  This teamwork mentality is part of our
core values that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Dedicated and fiercely passionate about our craft, we are constantly looking to
network with high quality contractors with whom we can form strategic

We would warmly welcome the opportunity to listen to any future bidding
opportunities you may have and earn the privilege of working with you.  We look
forward to being an asset in contributing to your company's success.